Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Home Learning 3/24/15

Today we spent a great amount of time outdoors.  It could have been our last chance to play in the snow for a long while.
 Above you can see Big Sister rolling a small snowball down the hill to build a snowman.

We started working on the new learning folders.  We are re-using the alphabet sheet to record important or interesting words related to horses. This time Little Guy is ready to fill one out too.

Here is what Big Sister´s folder looks like after reading a horse book.

This book has been her favorite so far.  My brother sent it to her from Colombia. 

Late in the afternoon, after dinner and showers, I had a little fun game prepared for them.  I set up three "houses" for the letters q, k, and c. In front of each, I placed nine words using the letter.  A few feet away, I had a tray with objects to be paired up with the nine words (27 objects).

Another few feet away, I had the kids sit on the table with a basket that contained illustrated cards of the same nine words.  On the table I also placed a camera (for K the journalist), a piece of cheese (for Q the injured acrobat), and a nurse vest (for C the nurse). Each kid picked an image card, said the name of the image, and selected the letter in the word by pointing at one of the three objects on the table.  Above you can see Big Sister touching the queso (cheese) for Q, while holding the card for básquetbol (basketball).

Then they had to run if they had a word with the nurse C, hop on one foot if they had a word with the injured acrobat Q, or take imaginary pictures if they had a word with the journalist K.  I took pictures of the two of them trying to be the injured acrobat.

They collected the object and placed it next to the word card in the correct letter "house."

Of course on their way back to get another image card, they rolled on the carpet.

Above you can see Little Guy putting the last object on letter Q.  After that, he asked to play again!

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