Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Home Learning 3/9/15

Last Friday we visited NIU for a special Irish Music concert.  We were delighted by these talented musicians who had just arrived from Ireland.  They played their instruments and sang songs too!  They let my kids play their instruments and talked to us about them.  We are still humming a few songs including Wearin' the Britches.   My kids are a bit Irish (from the paternal grandfather side) and it was a joy to expose them to their culture.

We started our Monday pretty late. We are dealing with the time change. Above you see their journals.  Big Sister wrote about eating a salad with her therapist, and about the Irish Music concert.  Little Guy wrote about going on a walk on Saturday.  

Our plants are growing! The kids are in charge of taking care of them.  We are using a growing lamp to help them grow upwards instead of going towards the window (thanks for the advice prima!)

We learned about letter K.  In Letrilandia (letter world) she is a journalist.  She travels far and wide and brings words from other languages.  We had kilogramo, koala, karate, kimono, and kayak.

The kids watched the song on youtube, and then worked on making the syllables ka, ke, ki, ko, and ku.

Both kids were working with the K words using their movable alphabets.

One thing led to another, and we ended up using the weights to do a little math observation. Above you can see 1,000, 100, 10, and 1 gram.

Big Sister organized them by place value.

Then she compared them to her bead materials.

Little Guy was just excited to put the weights away in the box. 

For Big Sister, I prepared these four little containers with a word problem each. She really liked it. As of now, I am looking at a math problem book for K-1.  I changed the problems to be about her and her favorite things.  I hope to keep word problems handy for her.

Finally we moved on to exploring the fabrics.  We were trying to see how each piece of fabric reacted to water.  

Here they were adding drops to terrycloth.  We discovered that it absorbs water well. We talked about how it could make a great napkin or a towel.

Adding water dops to the piece of satin was very interesting.  The drops quickly spread in the fabric, and it was easy to become soaked.

Corduroy first became a bubble and slowly became absorbed. 

Nylon was the most exciting of all.  It didn't absorb the water.  We talked about how it would be terrible to clean a spill! Instead, it would be perfect for an umbrella, or a raincoat.

We had to stop our explorations since it was really late.  We will get to the other fabrics first thing the next day.  The kids placed their trays with all the materials ready to begin.

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