Friday, March 6, 2015

Home Learning 3/5/15

We started our learning time by measuring our little sprouts.  The butternut squash is already 7 cm tall. 

Little Guy recorded the measurement, and placed the sticky note next to his plant.

Yesterday we took the fabric apart, today we put it together!  The kids were able to weave a little piece of fabric.

Little Guy insisted on gluing his fabric piece in his learning folder.  Next to it he wrote: "los hilos de mi tela van arriba y abajo" (the threads in my fabric go up and down). His sister decided to keep her piece of fabric handy.  Her piece was even better looking than mine. 

I took these pictures because Big Sister was talking, and even reading a book to her ladybugs.  She helped me change the habitat, supply them with water, and add more food. 

Little Guy worked with ten extra words with the ch sound. This activity was focused on expanding his vocabulary.   

He cut the images to glue and label them in his notebook.

Since they had ten new vocabulary words, they shared the minuature objects and the math rug. This time, both kids ran out of ch from their movable alphabets.  And off course, they had to race to see who could finish all their words first.

Above you can see both notebooks. I had to help them glue their images in the same order.  I don't think we will use a shared rug again. There was just too much argument regarding what item should go in what order.

Big Sister wrote in her journal about visiting the library the day before.

At the very last minute, when I though we were finished, they decided to do a sensorial exercise. 

We went downstairs to read this wonderful book.  My Daddy is a Pretzel by Baron Baptiste and illustrated by Sophie Fatus. It is a cute story that includes several posses with descriptions.  Above you can see us doing the tree and the triangle pose.

Finally I have to share these two wonderful wordless books: Journey and Quest by Aaron Becker. I found them at the library after reading a list from a Russian-English dual language homeschooling family at sunflowerous.  I will be checking out more books from her list and adding new ones to mine.  Wordless books are precious to bilingual homes!
Guess what my kids said when I showed them the page from the picture above? "They went to Chichen Itzá too!"

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