Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Home Learning 3/3/15

Learning time started with a little friendly competition. They wanted to know who could put the dressing frames together quicker. 

They moved to independent reading.  Since both were working on the sound ch, they read the same pages.  Little Guy read the word list, while Big Sister read the sentences, and short paragraph. 

We played our own version of the bank game.  In our version, I was the banker, and they each lived on their rug.  Each had a small tray to come and ask for beads.  They could ask for whatever they wanted. In the first picture above, you can get a glimpse of Little Guy patiently waiting for his turn. Big Sister was practicing saying the amounts.  Little Guy was mostly counting, recognizing numbers, and having fun.

We continued to work on the ch sound.  Again Big Sister ran out of letters before she could spell everything out.  She had to break her work into stages. Little Guy had a sufficient quantity of letters.  He used: tachuela, coche, ducha, champú, mapache, gancho, and leche (thumbtack, car, shower head, shampoo, raccoon, hanger, and milk). 

Here is a picture of their word books. 

Big Sister found my stash of fabrics that I had put together for a little art project.  Both kids selected a few fabrics to use, and set them aside. 

Just before lunch, they journaled about how excited they were about their fabric art project. Each one of them wanted to draw the fabrics they chose. 

After lunch, they started working on their art project.  They were cutting the fabrics to make a collage.  While they cut, they listened to the recorded version of the book Con Mis Manos (with my hands).

We decided to take the project downstairs to their little art table. 

Both kids were very focused making their individual pieces.  

Here are the results.  Little Guy made the first one on the green paper. Big Sister made the other two.  They saved some fabric to continue to work on it. Tomorrow we will start learning about how fabric is made and its properties.

Big Sister is starting to get more interested in reading in English. My husband and I are doing our part.  We are reading a TON more to both kids. We have been getting easy readers from the library, and she seems to enjoy the series.  We were reading the books above for breakfast, lunch and dinner!  We figure that the only way we can encourage our kids to read is by reading to them, We are all about showing them that reading is interesting and fun. 

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