Thursday, March 26, 2015

Home Learning 3/25/15

Today we had our learning time late in the day.    Our session was brief, but it reflects what the kids wanted to do.

After counting the days on the calendar forward and backwards, they selected to work on words.  We are finishing up words with letter q. My husband was helping Big Sister by reading the words to her.

First you can see the words each selected to write in their notebook.  Next, they moved on to their journals.  Big Sister wrote about a friend she had over the day before. Little Guy wrote about today's family open swim.

Little Guy completed this 12 word board. I made it for his sister a while ago.

We did another estimation jar.  This time I used frogs.  I wrote down their estimates, and then we counted together to see who was closer to the actual number. 

Both kids worked on the teen boards, and the teen bead hanger.  

Finally, the kids put together the horse breed puzzle. I hid the horse replicas under the white fabric and they tried to guess what breed they were going to pull out.  We are missing a paint, and a thoroughbred model.  Anyone knows where I can get one?

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