Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Home Learning 3/23/15

We are turning our attention to, once again, learning about horses.  It is a dear topic for both of my kids (especially Big Sister).  Today, they were cleaning two shelving units, and organizing our learning materials.  

This is what our horse area looks like. We will be learning about horse anatomy, breeds, care, and needs.

Earlier in the day, we worked with words with the letter q.  Big Sister loved the quena.  I wish I knew how to play it. 

Here are the words they worked with: Barranquilla, esqueleto, básquetbol, mantequilla, esquimal, quitasol, quinientos, tiquet, quena, and vaquero (Barranquilla -a city in Colombia-, skeleton, butter, basketball,  Eskimo, umbrella, five hundred, ticket, quena, and cowboy). 

Little Guy enjoyed working with long words.

Both kids were sharing the objects, and using the label cards to help them spell the words with their movable alphabet, and then in their notebooks.

Here are both notebooks.

We have a new house guest.  It is a woolly bear caterpillar. We are still trying to figure what we can feed it since all the grass was again covered by snow.

Little Guy was reading on his own today. He chose to read the longer sentences of his book too.  He is also working with his dad on his English reading.   He is able to transfer the decoding, and syllable chunking skills between the too languages. 

In her journal, both kids wrote about dyeing their fabric.  

We also worked on sewing a button.

We finished reading the Cork and Fuzz books by Dori Chaconas, and illustrated by Lisa MacCue. I highly recommend this duo of unlikely friends. 

Just when spring was in the air, we got a whole lot of snow to play! 

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