Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Home Learning 3/2/15

It is March already! 2015 is flying by!

Today, we had the story of the sound ch.  Little Guy used China flag stickers to cover the letters.  For our miniature objects we had: chapas, Chicago, chivo, chihuahua, chile, chocolate, chupo, and chimenea (caps, Chicago, goat, chihuahua, Chile, chocolate, pacifier, and chimney). 

Little Guy used his Letrilandia book to follow the syllable making paths. 

Above is Big Sister's picks of words. She selected 6 words but her movable alphabet is in English, and she ran out of Ch right away.

Little Guy uses a Spanish movable alphabet and has a separate Ch compartment. He was able to built all his words. As he was writing the words, he continued to place the used movable letters inside the box.  By the time he was finished writing all the letters were put away. 

Here you can see both notebooks.  

I forgot to add a picture of their journals on Friday.  Today you get to see two entries from each one. Little Guy wrote about rhino beetles, and about his birthday coming up in March.  Big Sister wrote about learning about fabrics, and about her swimming lesson. 

After some swimming, we came home to play a fabric game.  1st they selected 5 out of the ten fabric cards.

They placed the cards and a fabric sample on their own rugs.  Above, you can see Little Guy reading the names of the fabrics. 

Next, they had to look around the learning room for a matching piece of fabric.  I hid them earlier in the day. They had a lot of fun searching.

Both kids found fabrics and had to compare them to their samples to see if they were a match.

Finally, they arranged their five matching pairs. 

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