Friday, March 20, 2015

Home Learning 3/19/15

Today I introduced letter Q to Little Guy.  He started by placing stickers of queso (cheese) and quetzales while listening to the letter story.  All three letters with the same sound (c, k, and q) came together! He was able to understand when to use q and why it needs the silent u in the middle of the syllable.

Above he is following the syllable paths in his book.

For the miniature objects we had mariquita, raqueta, q, quince, máquina de coser, two quesos, and quetzal (ladybug, racquet, q, 15, sewing machine, 2 types of cheese, and quetzal). They also watched the YouTube letter q song. You can find it here.

Both kids colored images for all the items.

Above you can see both kids working with their movable alphabets. 

Here is a picture of their vocabulary notebooks.

In his journal, Little Guy wrote about what he wants for his birthday.  He wants "special" legos and a ninja turtle watch. Big Sister wrote about sewing her little pocket, and staining the fabric.    

Next, we had a friend over to do another experiment in our fabric unit.  We were going to dye the fabric! Each kid prepared the color by using food coloring drops, vinegar, and warm water. 

They folded the piece of muslin fabric and dipped one corner into the yellow.  They moved to the red, and finally the blue dye.  When they opened it, both wanted more color and went back to dipping the fabric into more dye.

Here are their results.

In the late afternoon, we worked on some math.  Little Guy organized these shoes I made for the book, Pete the Cat I Love my White Shoes. 

Big Sister had four word problems.  One of them asked her: you have 5 fingers in each hand.  You have five toes in each foot. How many fingers and toes do you have in all?   She laughed all the way through 20. Math can be so silly.

We did another estimation practice. This time they needed to figure out how many colored cotton balls were inside the jar.  On the board you see their guesses.  The correct answer was 8. 

To wrap things up, our plants are growing and growing. We need to transplant them already. 

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