Thursday, March 19, 2015

Home Learning 3/18/15

We started our day with math word problems.  Above you can see two problems for Little Guy.  He had to count the number of sides in a square and a triangle, and placed his little container on the 9th step of our stairs. 

Here is Big Sister reading her math problems.  I have offered her the math materials, like the beads and counters, to count, add, and subtract but she prefers her fingers.  

Here are their journals.  Little Guy wrote about making his fabric pocket.  Big Sister wrote about Tuesday (babysitting, going to the pool, and eating ice cream).

Here is a picture of Little Guy reading independently.

To do the math problems I have been reading the math standards.  I noticed the need to estimate amounts.  I grabbed a plastic see through container and filled it up with clothespins.  They had to estimate how many were inside.  It was a bit of a game for them since they had to keep their guess a secret.  I will continue to gather materials around the house to include estimation in our learning room.

Here are more math activities.  We were discovering which one was more: a dollar or ten dimes.  Our strategy was to convert them to pennies. Big Sister was the bank, and Little Guy was the one in charge of placing the pennies.  

In our fabric unit, I introduced a new piece of fabric: muslin.  First we compared it to the pieces that we already knew.

Second, we talked about how some things soil and stain fabric.  We talked about how some clothes are ruined because we spilled things on them.  Today's experiment was to see what types of things would stain the fabric.  In the first picture, we were practicing how to space five potential stains using our golden bead units. This was to help them not mix the stains and truly figure out what stains could be cleaned up.   
Oh my! they were beyond excited! On the second picture they were taking all the materials downstairs (This is not an experiment for a room with light carpet).

Third, in the kitchen they were looking for 5 potential stains.  Little Guy picked: grape juice, Yoshida's sauce, picante, honey mustard dressing, and ketchup.  Big Sister picked pineapple juice, strawberry jam, spaghetti sauce, raspberry vinaigrette, and a purple crayon. Note how Big sister was actually clapping with excitement in the picture.
Big Sister was coloring a corner of the fabric to see if crayon could be washed off.  Little Guy was adding grape juice. 

After all the stains were in place they wrote the names of the materials (or ingredients) on a piece of paper the size of the muslin fabric. This was our reference point.

Next, they mixed water and laundry detergent to wash the fabric. Little Guy was very energetic about mixing!

They got to work at scrubbing and trying to remove the stains. They used their soap, and a little scrub brush.

At the end we compared the fabric to our control paper and crossed out the stains that were removed with the soap. 

Big sister hanged the fabrics to dry and re checked in the morning.
This was a very interesting experiment that I highly recommend for its simplicity, low cost (less than $.50 on fabric), and the educational value.  I am hopping that they have learned not to spill the salad dressing on their clothes!

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