Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Home Learning 3/17/15

This morning we were babysitting this 8 month old cutie pie.  He was very interested in what Big Sister was doing and kept holding on to her chair while she was reading. 

Little Guy worked on his word building rods. They fulfill his building needs and help him practice his reading and spelling.  I am sure to get the English set in the near future. 

Both kids had more math word problems.  Big Sister did hers in no time for me to take a picture.  She worked on money word problems like: "you want to buy a $_ toy.  You have $_.  Do you have enough? How much will be left?"

I put together the animals, people, and things for the book My Friends by Taro Gomi.  Big Sister read the book while Little Guy lined up the miniature replicas. 

In Big Sister's journal, she wrote about Saturday.  She went to a dance show, and helped her dad put together the bunk bead.  She sleeps on the top bed and loves it!

Little Guy worked with C words.  First he paired the label and image cards.  Then he added the objects.  He had: carro, coral, cabra, camello, copa, castor, canguro, and cardenal (car, coral, goat, camel, wine glass, beaver, kangaroo, and cardinal). 

Here are both kids copying words in their notebooks.

Here are both of their word notebooks. Just now, I noticed they both wrote cardinal (English word) instead of cardenal. I am sure big Sister was thinking in English.

Finally we worked with the fabrics.  We created decorated pockets.  Little Guy was very proud of his running stitch. He asked me to teach him to sew buttons too.  It is on my to-do list.  

Here is Big Sister's pocket.  She is using it to store her swimming ribbons.
We are enjoying the fabric unit.  Tomorrow they will get to do another experiment to learn more about them.

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