Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Home Learning 3/10/15

The kids were beyond eager to continue exploring the fabrics.  They ran to set up their rugs, and gather their materials to start adding water to the next set of fabrics.

First we tried burlap. The water was absorbed slowly, and easily moved through it because of the gaps in the fabric.  Organza gave us an interesting straight, instead of round, wet spot.  Denim was the slowest to absorb the water.  We arrived at the conclusion that the thickness of the fabric was very important to determine how fast or slow water gets to be absorbed. 

The next two fabrics were seersucker and fleece.  Seersucker absorbed water rapidly and became translucent.  Fleece was interesting because we were able to squish the water out of it back into the cup. 

In between observations, the kids wrote the names of the fabrics on the absorbent and non absorbent cards.  We taped the finding cards in their learning folders 

Little Guy used his alphabet rods to practice his reading, and spelling words with the letter K.

Yesterday, I introduced Big Sister to written Math word problems.  Little Guy asked to get some Math problems too. For now his "problems" are going to be about number recognition.  Today he needed to count six ladybugs, and find number five.  I am excited to see him reading the instructions on his own. 

Big Sister really enjoys word problems.  Today she had four. Each problem was about something related to her.  For example one said: You have a bear, a dog, two horses, and a dolphin.  How many stuffed animals do you have?

In the meantime, Little Guy traced shapes using the insets and then he cut them.

Both kids worked on the second list of words with K.  They had vikingo, rockero, karateka, kudu, okapi, bikini, and karaoke (viking, rock musician, karate athlete, kudu, okapi, and karaoke).

Here you can see both of the notebooks.

Big Sister was the only one to journal today.  She wrote about her walk on Saturday.  She saw birds and footprints.  She is excited about spring.

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