Sunday, March 1, 2015

Home Learning 2/27/15

 Both kids wanted to continue the fabrics explorations we started the day before.  Above, Little Guy was matching the fabrics to the label cards I made. I cut a small square of each fabric, printed the name, and laminated it all.

The kids were exploring a new set of fabrics. We had five more samples consisting of  tejido, paño, dril, raso o satín, and pana (knit cloth, terrycloth, denim, satin, and corduroy). Both kids decided to touch their cheeks with the cloth to get a better feel. 

They added five more pieces of fabrics to their learning folder. Then they took the label cards to match and write the names of each fabric. 

Here is what their folders look like. As you can see, all the fabrics have been dyed blue to make it more about the texture and the composition, rather than the color.  Still, there are many shades of blue.  We continue to use the blindfold, and future exploration to see how they are different.

In the meantime, I had a little activity for them.  They had to sort objects based on whether they were or not made out of fabric.  I looked through their miniature objects and found everything I needed =).

They sorted it together, and then Big Sister did it by herself.  We talked about plastic, glass, metal, and paper as other materials things are made out of. We also talked about the types of fabrics they found. We had felt, satin, silk, cotton, etc.

Little Guy has been working with only lower case letters.  I just got the uppercase sandpaper letters here. He was happy to try to find the match.  I love this IKEA rug!!!

Meanwhile, Big sister was interested in looking at each fabric with her little microscope.  I need to start saving to get her and her brother a proper one. She really enjoys looking through it. The one we have is great for little ones. 

When their dad was home they wanted to show him the new game. Above Big Sister is trying to match the new set of fabrics. 

Both kids put my husband to match all ten fabrics. 

Then the kids wanted a turn trying to match all the 10 pairs of fabric. My husband was teaching them some techniques to explore them without their sight.  He showed them how to scratch it, and to wave it by their ears to listen to them. 

Big Sister was able to match all the pairs.  Above she was checking her work.

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