Sunday, March 8, 2015

Friday update: Feeding Therapy

On Friday Feb. 27th we had to skip Big Sister's feeding therapy.  She was not feeling well on Thursday and I cancelled her session.  When she does not feel well, she eats very poorly. 

We saved the food list for last Friday.

The therapist's list included carrots, sweet peppers, lettuce, cucumbers, salad dressings, and peanut butter and jelly sandwich ingredients. This time we couldn't take her shopping for her food, but she still cut it all up, and packed it for her session.  She enjoys preparing her own food.  I am convinced that by letting her get everything ready, she is at least motivated enough to try it.
The therapist also recommends having her cut it since it helps her learn about the texture of the food. I think it gives her an idea of how it will feel (crunchy or soft) in her mouth.

The goal for the day was for her to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a salad! 
I was very skeptical.  She has never liked any type of vegetables. If you remember, the goal of the feeding therapy is for her to simply eat her food on her own. We want her to learn to hear her body when she is hungry (she has never expressed being hungry), to eat on her own without us having to ask her for every bite, and to be able to try new things (again key word try not finish). In the process, we hope to have her enjoy eating!

Her therapist asked for different salad dressings.  Big Sister packed Brianna's Dijon honey mustard, Marie's raspberry vinaigrette, and Marzetti supreme caesar.  

Here is a cute finger checking her list! 

And off she went with her huge lunch box!
I am unable to see what goes on inside the therapy session, but her therapist told me that they...
1. Play.  They associate play with the session to make her excited to go.
2. They try everything by itself! When making the PB&J sandwich, she first ate jelly, then PB, then bread.  Then they put them together.  This step is very important for my daughter.  The same happened with the salad: first they tasted the salad dressings, then they tried dipping individual vegetables, and finally they put the salad together.
Big Sister tried everything.  She said that cucumbers were her worst food (she didn't like how they were watery), she liked the lettuce (green only) in the honey mustard the most.  We will continue to try new things and new salad dressings.  
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