Monday, March 23, 2015

Friday: Feeding Therapy Update

Foods for this session: hot dog bread, cantaloupes, mangoes, avocado, chicken, cherry tomatoes, honey mustard dressing, beef hot dogs, ketchup, and mac and cheese (from Panera). Big Sister has been exposed and has tried many of the foods above, but she has a hard time eating them.

First,  she was being evaluated to see if she was having difficulty chewing meats.  The therapist also was assessing how to help her focus on eating.  Big Sister tends to get sidetrack, become talkative and restless at the table.  
One thing the therapist recommended was to do some "Heavy Work Activities" before sitting down to eat.  Some of these activities include carrying objects with some weight, pushing and pulling objects, jumping and bouncing, squishing things, crabwalk, etc.  
Now that my husband and I think about it, we realized that we ask the kids to do passive activities while we are getting food on the table.  Instead, we need to encourage them to be active!

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