Monday, March 16, 2015

Home Learning 3/16/15

Even though the weather is still gorgeous around here, we missed going to the learning room.
We started with Math.  We finally received the coin boards.  Above you can see Little Guy working on a dime = 10 cents.

We talked about how inconvenient it would be to carry 100 pennies.  Instead we learned about the $1 bill. 

Above both kids were counting their way to $1 using pennies.

From the pennies we moved to math word problems.  Little Guy is getting four problems a day. One of the problems asked him to organize the number tiles in order.  He is able to read, gather materials needed, arrive at an answer, and clean up independently. 

Big Sister was supposed to also get 4 math word problems, but she wanted to keep on going.  She asked for two additional problems. In the problem above, she was actually multiplying without having a single clue. 
Math is getting interesting around here!

For working with words, Little Guy was introduced to the story of the helpful letter C, and how she became able to make the sounds: ca, co, and cu. While listening to the story, Little Guy put car stickers on letter C, and watched the youtube video about it. 

Miniature objects: caballo, casa, corazón, conejo, café, cuchara, coche, corona, and cangrejo (horse, house, heart, coffee, spoon, stroller, crown, and crab)

Each kid got some coloring items that started with letter C.

Here are both kids working with the movable alphabet.

Here is their work.

The plants keep on growing.  We keep on learning how to care for them.

Little Guy was very interested in the fuzzy hairs on the butternut squash plant.

In their journals, Big Sister wrote about meeting a friend at a park on Thursday, and going to the library and her feeding therapy on Friday.  Little Guy wrote about moving to a new swim level.  He liked holding on to the pool's edge to pull himself as he started to swim on his back.

Finally, with the last 60 F weather day, we headed to the pool, and to one of our favorite parks.  We were joined by some great friends making the experience a lot of fun. 


  1. Your alphabet resources are so beautiful! As is your children's writing. And yay for learning multiplication without even realising it!

  2. Thanks Lucinda. I am a hoarder when it comes to miniatures objects =). The kids and I are enjoying the little math word problem boxes. It is good reading and math practice.


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