Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Home Learning 2/9/11

The last few days have been a little hectic.  Each kid tried two different swim teachers, and attended three family swims. We spent almost everyday at the pool.  We are kind of picky regarding the teacher to student ratio.   The kids will be taking swimming lessons on Sundays, which seems to be the best option for us.
Each kid got a one-on-one lesson.  Apparently it is not busy after lunch!

On Sunday night the kids wrote letters to their grandparents, and Big Sister also wrote a letter to one of her friends. 

Today in the learning room Little Guy wanted to work with the brown stairs again.  He placed ladybug buttons on each stair, and added numbers too.

He also wanted to work with the extension folder.  He created this shape and then decided to sit inside.

In the meantime, Big Sister was working with the color tablets. 

Little Guy made another attempt to complete an extension on his own.

Today we moved on to a new set of syllables.  The week before we learned about zo, za, and zu.  Today we learned about ce and ci using the story from letrilandia.  I do not make a distinction between the z, s, and soft c sounds. But, since I do want my kids to be good spellers, we pronounce the words like the Spaniards during our learning time. 

Little guy was listening to the story and the song while putting little cerdos' (pigs') stickers in the letters Cc. Big Sister was helping him get the stickers ready.

Miniature objects with C in the box: cebra, cepillo, cerdo, cigüeña, cereal, cisne, c, cinco (zebra, toothbrush, pig, stork, cereal, swan, c, five).  In her hand: cesto, cerezas, and Cenicienta (basket, cherries, and Cinderella).  In his hands: ciruelas (plums)

Big Sister's work included basket, pig, several fish, cereal, policeman, fifty, and plums. 

Little Guy's work included murciélago, peces, racimo, pincel, cereal, and cinco (bat, several fish, cluster of grapes, paintbrush, cereal, and five).

Finally, they worked on their journals.  Both kids wanted to write about a movie we got from the library on Friday.  We saw Bug's life.  It was funny to see the male ladybug!

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