Friday, February 6, 2015

Home Learning 2/5/15

Today I showed them image-labels of the sensorial materials before we planned our learning day. The reason for pulling out these nomenclature cards is to entice them to explore, or remind them of the existence of the materials. Little Guy immediately was interested in using the brown stairs. He wanted to know if it could be taller than the pink tower.  They were the same height. 
You can make your own cards, but to save time I got ours from:

Then, he wanted to use the red rods, and the little book for their extensions.

He kept on building and enjoying his creations on his own. 
In the meantime, Big Sister was working on more questions and answers for her lapbook.

She made two more questions: Are they oviparous? Who can fly, the larva or the ladybug?

Her answers were: yes! They lay eggs, and the ladybug flies.  She was quite excited and kept on getting in the picture. She is very proud of her lapbook.

When Little Guy was finished with the sensorial material, Big Sister, who had no interest earlier, decided to build something too.

Little Guy had to work on his lapbook too.  He wrote: the adult ladybug about to fly.

Big Sister wanted to go back to our birth years.  She built my (and my husband's) birth year with the number cards, and with the golden bead materials. 

She also used the stamps to record it in her notebook.

Above you can see her working on her birth year.

And as you could have guessed, Little Guy was working on his birth year too.  His Big Sister made it for him with the wooden cards.  I helped him put the stamps in his notebook.  He colored it all.

Little Guy practiced the first 10 digits using ladybug buttons.  In his notebook each ladybug has an increasing amount of spots from 1-10.

Their journals were about going to the pool the day before. We met their friends there.

Finally, we had a little game.  The challenge was to read a word, locate the corresponding image, and place both cards either on the "s" or the "z" side of the blue board at the end of the room. Each one got 8 words with either s or z.

Above you can see how Little Guy read his card, did a somersault, picked up an image card, and rolled over to place both on the correct side of the blue board.  Both kids kept on going really fast.  Big Sister was actually too fast for me to capture her moves. 

At the end, they read all the words on each side.

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