Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Home Learning 2/3/15

Above is Big Sister's journal entry from today.  It reads "Hoy fui a donde la terapeuta.  Se llama Rita.  Ella va a comer conmigo.  Estoy un poquito nerviosa" (Today I went to see the therapist. Her name is Rita. She is going to eat with me.  I am a little nervous.) 
In fact we did go to see an occupational therapist this morning.  Our daughter has issues with food.  It has been a long struggle that started when she was only 3.5 months. She suffered with reflux and allergies (to soy, dairy, oats, and gluten).  Let's just say, she was not an easy baby. We realized that she is almost 5.5 years old, and without any allergies but still experiencing food struggles.  My husband and I decided that it is necessary for us to get some extra help.  We want to turn mealtime into an enjoyable time.  We are very excited to work with an expert, and make sure our daughter grows up healthy and happy.  That is our number one priority.  
I will be including anything we learn in this blog to document our experience and perhaps help other families with difficult eaters.  
I do encourage any parent to seek help if you and your child are experiencing struggles over food. Eating is such a fundamental need, it should be a pleasurable experience.
You can read more at:

Back to home learning...
Little Guy was sick today.  He took a nap while Big Sister and I got to learn on our own.

She wrote most of her work plan.  I only wrote that we needed to clean the ladybug habitat.

After the calendar, she read 5 little books. She stopped only when she felt satisfied.  She also wrote in her journal independently (top of the post). 

She helped me transfer the ladybugs to a clean container.  She moved the little pieces of wood, and the sticks. 

She washed the dirty container...

...and the little "plates" we are using for the ladybugs' sugar, water, and honey.

She also helped me replenish their food and water.  

She worked on math using ladybug buttons she picked on a trip to Jo Ann's a few days ago. 

Here is her finished work.
Towards the end, she was adding in her head instead of using the buttons.

She worked on her ladybug lapbook.  She finally put together the story of the life cycle (on the left).  She added two new notes: What do ladybugs eat?  and how does a Ladybug defend itself? She wanted to write in cursive.

Above you can see another stage in the ladybug's life cycle (on the left), and the answers to her two questions.  Ladybugs eat aphids, and they defend themselves by flying, secreting liquids, and playing dead.  I noticed that she literally translated "playing dead"... I have to remember to tell her how to say it in Spanish. Here I see how her brain sometimes thinks in English.   

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