Thursday, February 26, 2015

Home Learning 2/26/15

My husband and the kids started our growing season last Saturday.  Today we were able to see little sprouts of some of the plants.  We are expecting cherry tomatoes, butternut squash, baby bell pepper, large bell pepper, peas, cantaloupe, big tomatoes and zucchini. 

We also moved the ladybugs' habitat next to the new sprouts.  We are past the peak curiosity, but still enjoy watching them.  Our goal is for spring to come to let them out. In the meantime we continue to give them water and honey. So far, we have only lost two captive ladybugs out of the over 20 we currently have. 

Little Guy is flying by all the beginner Spanish readers. He is building his stamina and vocabulary. 

We are still working with letter h.  I think it is the hardest one since you can´t hear it.  It is difficult to just remember where it goes.  I am not even sure how I know it. Today I gave Little Guy 10 more words: hueso, hierba, heno, hurón, horno, hora, harpa, hindú, herir, and hablar (bone, grass, hay, ferret, oven, time, harp, Hindu, to injure, and to talk).  He read the label cards and matched them to the images. I made him a special coloring sheet with all the words from google images.

Both kids used the new rugs today.  I love how the lines are helping them place the movable alphabets.

Here are both notebooks. 

While Little Guy was finishing, Big Sister organized her cursive letters.  She was not feeling her best today and was relaxing a bit. But a cold was not going to keep her away from learning.

Little Guy picked the pink tower. Big Sister picked the brown stairs.  They started building, and then Little Guy realized that his was not going to be taller. Big Sister realized that she couldn't place the last two pieces on the tower. 

They started building again, and found out that the two materials could be the same height. Note: they have done it before, but somehow it is always an amazing discovery.

Finally, they wanted to rebuild one tower together. 

As all the Ladybug materials were put away (except the ladybugs), we started a new unit today. It is from the Foss Science modules.  The modules are ideal for a dual language environment because they are heavily based on student hands-on activities, and self formed knowledge through predictions, explorations, and discovery.  This particular unit involves a study of  fabrics' properties.  Today the kids were introduced to  vellón, organza, sirsaca, arpillera, and nailon (fleece, sparkle organza, seersucker, burlap, and nylon). Above you can see how they were exploring and comparing the pieces of fabric.  They decided to see if they could roll each of them.

After talking about how each fabric felt, we played a matching game using the blindfold.

We also played a game of finding things made out of fabric around the house.  It was a great exercise too!

We decided to start another learning folder.  This is our third (after the dolphins', and ladybugs' folders). I will refer to them as learning folders because, unlike lapbooks, they are 100% child created.  They keep only what my kids find interesting. For now, they wanted to glue pieces of each fabric and label them. We found the names of the fabrics in the book that comes with the kit.    

Here is what the fabric learning folders looked like at the end of the day.

Finally, they used their little microscope to take a closer look at all the fabrics.  I am again very impressed with it as it allowed us to see how the fabrics were weaved.

We found a spot for the learning folders in these IKEA magazine holders.  We decided to have a holder for each kid and all the learning folders inside for reference and enjoyment.

Big Sister was very happy to review and compare her previous learning folders.

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