Thursday, February 26, 2015

Home Learning 2/25/15

We started with Math because Big Sister kept on asking what the new rug was for.  It is just perfect!  It has ten black lines, and it is very long. I am making place value labels to add to the top empty line. Note: the numbers are backwards!

We have seen a picture from Heidi at We had to try it!

Big Sister took this picture with her camera!  We used all but one brown stair and it almost touch the ceiling. 

In their journals, both kids wrote about our visit to IKEA. They visited the play area for the first time and truly loved it. Little Guy's hand was showing me how he jumped in the pool with balls.

At the end we played a word game. First they picked an image from the little tray.  They went to the black fabric where all the words were organized by beginning sound.   It included words with and without the letter h.  Once they found the label card, they had to take it (and the image card) to the right "home."

We had a home for the letter h, and a home for the vowel family. 

Off course there was some rolling around.

We went swimming and to the library.  We brought home a collection of easy reader books.  Big Sister likes puppy and horse books. She read 5 Biscuit, the puppy,  books in one sitting!  Little Guy found a Captain America book, and had my husband and I read it to him.

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