Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Home Learning 2/24/15

We started the day with some independent reading.  

Little Guy worked with the spelling rods.  It is a great opportunity for my kinesthetic learner. He reads the words in the small book (all of them start with the same phoneme).  Then he builds the words to match the picture locking cubes.  

Here are today's journals: Little guy wrote about going to visit his Grandparents. He is in love with a tiny box his grandma let him bring home. Big Sister wrote about her whole Sunday.  First she went to her swimming lesson.  Then we all stopped at Target, and by an amazing surprise, we bumped into two students I taught about 6 or 7 years ago. Finally. she wrote about going to see her grandparents and eating cake (it was my husband's birthday celebration). 

The kids were super excited to get the geometric solids out again.  There was a lot of castle building, and off course, they also had dragon's eggs.

Once they had their share of building, we played another game. This time we used an opaque fabric piece to cover the geometric solids.  They chose a card and tried to find the figure under the fabric.

We repeated the game several times. They were having a lot of fun, and getting better at identifying the shapes by touch. 

When they were satisfied, I pulled out the three dimensional stamps.  They matched them to the figures and recorded their findings in their math journal.

Here are their math journals.

Afterwards, they listened to an audio book while cutting the images for our study of the letter h.

First, Little Guy needed to read the words and match them since some of it was new vocabulary for him.  He had: hielo, moho, hotel, hiena, hongo, hijo, búho, and haba (ice, mold, hotel, hyena, mushroom, son, owl, and pea).

Then each kid worked on building the words using the movable alphabets.  They glued and labeled the images in their notebook.

Here are both notebooks.

For lunch, we met a friend and her sons at IKEA.  I scored big time with these rugs that I plan to use for math and language. I also found the big tray that I am hopping to use for the math materials. 

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