Monday, February 23, 2015

Home Learning 2/23/15

Today the kids and I explored the geometric solids together.  First, they arranged, and labeled them.  Little Guy was interested in the bases, and was matching them to the different figures.  

We played the little game shown above.  I gave them two bases, and they needed to look for the matching figure.

We talked about how the figures can have the shape of the base as one of their faces, their actual base, and also inside.  For example, the pyramid has 4 triangular faces, and a square base.   Also, the triangular base will be visible if we cut the cone in half, or the rectangular base will be visible if we cut the cylinder in half. They realized that the sphere, ovoid, and ellipsoid have the circle shape inside too.  

I read about this exercise in the book Basic Montessori by Gettman.  It turned out to be a wonderful exploration.  We used a bin with a flat bottom, and filled it with a layer of sand.  Then, I had the kids pick a geometric solid to roll in the sand.  We talked about how animals leave prints in the sand, and made predictions about the prints the solids were about to make.   We looked at, and compared the marks the solids left behind. It was interesting to connect the shape with the tracks in the sand.  
In the end, the kids cleaned each figure and practice their polishing skills.  

Little Guy ended up even spinning the shapes to make additional markings. 

Today we covered the sad story of letter H, and discovered how she lost her voice in Spanish. While listening to the story, Little Guy was placing fairy and hippo (hadas and hipopótamo) stickers on the letter H and h.  

Here are the miniature objects they found in the box: hipopótamo, huevo, hormiga, hilo, hada, h, hueso, hongo, helado, hombre, hiena, hoja and hacha (hippo, egg. ant, thread, fairy, h, bone, mushroom, ice cream, man, hyena, leaf, and ax).

We talked about the syllables that had h by moving all the vowels next to the consonant card.

Looking at the items they were going to color, Little Guy used the letrilandia reading book to trace the route to each beginning syllable. 

Here is Big Sister's cursive work.  She spent some time practicing the letter h. 

Here is Little Guy's work.

Above you can see both of their work on words notebooks. 

Little Guy really loved the herramientas (tools)!

They also worked with the knobbed cylinders using the blindfold. 

Both kids wanted to write about meeting Pete the Cat at the library. I found this print out I got a long while ago to help them make their picture.

Little Guy and Big Sister journaled about the Chinese New Year on Friday.  They finished their illustration today and moved on to writing about meeting Pete the Cat.  


  1. Wow!!! Me encantan todos los trabajos!!! Muy bien!!!! Uno de mis favoritos, los solidos geometricos, el alfabeto, tu princesa escribe bello!!!!! me encantó todo!!!!! Gracias x compartirlo!! un Abrazo!

  2. Hola Karen,
    Aquí estamos revisando y repasando los matriales del método Montessori. Ahora si que puedo decir que fueron una buena inversión. ¡Mis hijos y yo les hemos sacado mucho jugo!


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