Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Home Learning 2/2/15

It started to snow on Saturday around 7:00 pm.  It didn't stop snowing until Monday at around 3:00 am!  Above is a picture of my husband and kids playing outside.  

Today our home learning started with some independent reading. Little Guy is progressing nicely to very short sentences.  

Big Sister is reading longer paragraphs.

For his journal entry, Little Guy wanted to draw a picture of the "pincher car" he made with his dad.

Here are pictures of both journals.  Little Guy described his car.  Big Sister wrote about her weekend.

Little Guy was introduced to letter Z.  Here is where I move away from the Montessori style.  I simply love the Letrilandia letter stories.  Every story is delightful, exciting, and perfect to make the learner remember any specific spelling rule.  It has even helped me with my own spelling!
Above, Little Guy was listening to the story while making the letter z with zapatos (shoe) stickers. 

After the story, he arranged three syllables with letter z: za, zo, and zu.  If you want to know why Spanish doesn't have ze and zi, I highly recommend you to read the story from Letrilandia. 
Finally, both kids were watching the song for the letter Z story which is available at youtube. 

Here Little Guy is working with his Letrilandia reading book. 

We moved on to the miniature objects to increase vocabulary and focus on spelling patterns. We had just a few objects with z: zapatos, zorro, zanahoria, z, and zorrillo (shoes, fox, carrots, z, and skunk).

Both kids used little coloring sheets with items that start with z.  They picked a few to label on their notebooks. 

Here is Little Guy's picks: zapato, zorro, zanahoria, zumba, and zumo (shoes, fox, carrot, zumba, and juice).  He wanted to find real life objects.  You can see the carrot and juice he got from the refrigerator. You can also see the Zumba Wii game that I am still to open. 

Above you have Big Sister's picks: zapatos, zoológico, zorro, zumo, and zanahoria.  She used miniature objects to represent each word.

Big Sister is writing in cursive, while Little guy is writing using script. 

We went swimming, and continued working as soon as we got back home.  They were excited to keep on following their work plan. 

Little guy was working on counting up to 10 using small arrows.

Big Sister was working on counting up to 100.

She moved from the concrete to the abstract by recording her work in her math notebook.  She used the tens stamp...

and labeled them up to 100.

Little guy, who lately wants to do everything his sister is doing, also worked on moving his knowledge to the abstract.  He used the ones stamp, and labeled them up to 10.

Here you see them working together.

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