Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Home Learning 2/17/15

At first sight it feels like déjà vu.  In reality, each kid picked what the other one was working on the day before. Big Sister wanted to work with the knobless cylinders.  Little Guy wanted to work with the constructive triangles.

She wanted to make a train and count how many pieces she had = 40!

Little Guy was really excited to work with the small hexagon box.  He was trying to make as many hexagons as possible.

When the time came to write on his journal, he wanted to share about the "transformer head" he constructed with the triangles. 

Little Guy illustrated his journal with an image of the transformer head.  Big Sister wrote about her swimming lesson on Sunday, giving the valentines card to her teacher, and getting a ribbon in class for good listening skills.

We had a review of letter r.

Little guy working on his words: reloj, rosa, racimo, regla, and ratón (clock, rose, bunch of flowers, ruler, and mouse).

Big Sister picked a lot of words with r.

We had an introduction to odd and even numbers.  First they arranged the numbers in order on the top of the mat.

Then, they placed the counters under the numbers while checking if they had a "pareja" partner.  If every counter had a partner, it was "par" (even) number. If they did not, It was "impar" (odd) number.

Finally, Big Sister was recording her findings.

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  1. Entiendo el sentimiento!!! Big princess suele querer hacer los trabajos de su hermanita!!!OMG.....


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