Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Home Learning 2/16/15

Big Sister had a long list of activities for the day.  She wrote the work plan all by herself.  

One of the activities was to read to her brother.  She really enjoyed reading the Brown Bear book last week, and wanted to read it again.  Little Guy loved listening to the story and playing along with the miniature animals. 

I also prepared another book for her to read.  The book is, When I'm Sleepy written by Jane R. Howard, and illustrated by Lynne Cherry.  It is an adorable story that talks about how and where animals sleep.  For this book, Big Sister read the description and had her brother guess the animal.  For example, it would talk about an animal that sleeps perched in a tree branch...(The owl). Little Guy picked every animal from the basket, and lined them up as they appeared in the story. 

Here are both kids working with the sensorial materials.  We truly love these materials.

Little Guy wanted to build the knobless cylinder towers again.

Big Sister worked with the constructive triangles.

In their journals they were catching up.  Both of them wrote about last Friday.  Big Sister wrote about her feeding therapy session. She tried a lot of new things in small amounts. 
Little Guy had an extra swimming lesson, and then we all went to a Valentine's party at the pool.

I had lost the charger for this old camera.  I was able to order a replacement, and have it ready for the kids.  We were learning about all its parts and buttons.  We used three part cards I made a while ago.  They are excited to have a camera to take their own pictures. 

Here are both kids listening to the audio book Con Mi Lengua (With My tongue) by Mariana I. Pellegrino and Mariana Nemitz.

We moved on to working with words.  We are still reviewing the soft sound of the letter c. Little guy had six pairs to read, and match. 

He added the objects right away.  We have doce, cine, ciervo, cena, cisne, and cero (twelve, movie theater, deer, dinner, swan, and cero) 

Here are both kids working with their movable alphabet.


  1. Eso big sister!!! me recuerda a alguien!!...... muero con esas listas de actividades!!! muy bien@@@

  2. Ups.... no salieron todas las fotos primero,.... wow, me encantó tu semana, muchos trabajos interesantes!!! Gracias x compartirlo!!!

  3. Karen, estoy recortando mis entradas porque no quiero que se pierdan las de Mexico todabía :)


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