Friday, February 13, 2015

Home Learning 2/12/15

Yesterday afternoon we visited the bank.  When I was looking for ways to use big numbers my cousin told me to simply use money.  I decided to get pennies to be able to use over a 1000.  We actually exchanged $12 into 1,200 pennies.  
Here the kids were opening the penny stacks.

We started counting up to 9 pennies.  Then we moved to the tens, and counted all the way to a 100.

Here is where I told the kids that to make things easier, people created dollar bills. Since I had each kid carry the heavy 100 pennies in their pockets, they agreed it was easier to have a very light dollar bill instead. 

Big Sister is making records in her math notebook.  She used the penny stamps next to a small cube to represent the units.  

Later, Big Sister read the story of Brown Bear by Eric Carle to her brother.  While listening, Little Guy placed each animal in the correct color that followed along with the book.

I was getting these locks ready for a friend, but my kids found them and they had to give them a try.

In their journals, both kids wrote about painting the ladybug costume.  Big Sister also wrote about swimming in the pool the day before. 

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