Thursday, February 12, 2015

Home Learning 2/11/15

Little Guy started his day exploring the sound cylinders.  

Big Sister chose to journal.  She shared about the dancing and chanting she did the day before.  To her, it was "muy gracioso" (very funny).
Little Guy decided not to journal today.  In a way I am very proud of him.  It means that he is starting to make his own decisions instead of always copying his sister. 

Little Guy work on this small word-forming puzzles.  It was great to see him spelling, and reading the words, and not just following the picture.

Big Sister did some reading on her own.  She is interested in reading longer books but needs a lot of practicing with short books to improve her fluency.  I am glad to see her choosing books that help her meet her needs.

Big Sister found two ladybugs matting on the habitat lid.  She was very excited.  To her it means that they will have eggs, and soon after, baby larvae. Instead of calling it a habitat, she calls it a "happytad."

Just before dinner, and all on her own, Big Sister came up with some wings for herself.  She wants to be like a ladybug.  We decided to make a ladybug costume for her.  It is going to be a family project.

We started by cutting the elytra. The kids were making the shapes for the spots using the insets and even a plate. Since we knew that Ladybugs have symmetrical bodies, I helped them with the spot shapes on the other side.

Then they moved to their favorite part: painting

While painting we listened to an audio book from the Smithsonian institution.  It is called Ladybug at Orchard Adventure by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld, and illustrated by Thomas Buchs.  I highly recommend it.

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