Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Home Learning 2/10/15

Above you can see the image cards for the sensorial materials.  I placed these cards at the bottom of the white erase board to remind the kids of the materials we have available for them. They are free to select them, add them to their work plans, and explore them on their own. 

Little Guy needs practice using the spoon.  It is funny that he can write clearly, but he can't properly hold a spoon!

 Big Sister wrote about her weekend activities in her journal.  Little Guy wrote about visiting the doctor to check on his bloody nose. Notice me holding two bloody wipes and yelling for help?

Today Little Guy chose to explore the knobless cylinders. He wanted to see which color had the tallest tower.  He was excited to see how tall the red tower was!  In the meantime, Big Sister was building a structure with the pink tower and the brown stairs.  But soon after, she decided to watch her brother instead.  

Later, Little Guy wanted to see what color could make the longest line.  blue had the shortest line.  All the other colors were equally long.

Big Sister decided to follow the extension to make a tower.

We had another set of words with soft c.  cebra, Cenicienta, centavo, cepillo, cebolla, cien, and cinta (zebra, Cinderella, one cent, toothbrush, onion, 100, and tape) 

Here is Big Sister working on her cursive writing while practicing her spelling.

Little Guy writing in script.  He loves blue, and wants to color everything blue including the zebra.

My silly children were dancing around the ladybugs' habitat.  They were chanting the ladybug's life cycle (huevo, larva, pupa, mariquita: egg, larva, pupa, ladybug).  They invented this "game" and had to have pieces of toilet paper to be use as dancing ribbons.

Here is Little Guy's ladybug lapbook.  He added the life cycle.

Here is Big Sister's lapbook.  She is working on the left side.  She is adding the parts of the ladybug, and the 4 stages of the life cycle. 

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