Thursday, February 19, 2015

Happy New Chinese Year!

Our day started at the pool.  Big Sister is working on her backstroke, while Little Guy is learning to tread in water. He needs a lot of practice before he can begin sculling and making flutter kicks.

Afterwards, we went home to prepare for the Chinese New Year's Eve celebration. We use every opportunity to surround them with the Chinese culture, and maybe get them to practice what they have been learning in their Mandarin lessons

We read a few books about the Chinese New Year including Runaway Rice Cake writen by Ying Chang Compestine, and illustrated by Tungwai Chau 

We also found a book about making our own Chinese dragon.

We are still working on it.

Just for fun, we went to eat at a Chinese restaurant with some friends.

We headed to the library to join in the celebration of the year of the sheep.  The NIU Chinese music ensemble had an interactive concert with music, dancing and even giving away traditional money (chocolate coins) bags for luck in the new year.

We were able to learn about different music instruments like the Erhu, Dizi, Zhong Ruan, and Sheng (above).

Both kids got the opportunity to play an instrument to call in the tiger!

Little Guy took this mask and joined the dance.

They also tried the tiger costume as well as other props. 
Happy New Chinese Year!

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