Sunday, February 22, 2015

Friday update: Feeding Therapy

Big Sister and Little Guy were preparing their lunch on Friday morning.  Big sister had her third session with the therapist and I can already see some improvement.  She is more willing to try new foods. The key word here is try not necessarily eat up.  Most importantly, I think the feeding therapy is helping my husband and I relax a bit more.  We feel empowered because we are doing something instead of just letting her feeding issues become a struggle for all.    

This seems like a lot of food, but it is because she shares it with her therapist.
She loves packing her food! It gives her a sense of control and independence even when she is following a given list.
The feeding therapy approach consists of talking about food properties (how it feels in her mouth), and connecting already liked foods with new foods. 

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  1. Interesante..... y divertido!! Esperamos que hayan comido mucha!@!! se ve delicioso!!!


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