Sunday, January 11, 2015

Vacation Learning: Mexico 1/9/15

Yesterday we literally embarked on a new learning experience. We headed out to Isla Mujeres to learn about dolphins, and tryout water activities.
The boat ride lasted 40 minutes, and amazingly no one got sea sick (we love dramamine!).

We got to jump in and meet the dolphins right away. We were not allowed to take pictures while in the water. But, basically the activity included having the dolphin touch your palm, a double handshake, a kiss from the dolphin, and us kissing the dolphin too.  Plus there was time for free play and touching them while they swam by us. The dolphins are very playful. The mother and calf were right by us all the time. The kids loved it.

After another boat ride to the southern part of the island, and a hearty lunch in Garrafon Eco park, we went kayaking. The kids were excited to try it for the first time. As you can see in the second picture, it got dark and rained. But the rain was gone in  less than three minutes.

 The water was actually warm and inviting. We also had a chance to try snorkeling. The kids used their swimming goggles and a rope to hold on to.

 Above is a picture of one school of fish we saw. swimmers are held back by a rope to protect the coral reef.

At the end of the day, we enjoyed a nice stroll to an overview of the southern tip of the island while we waited for our boat ride back to Cancun. Both kids were sleeping on our way back.

 This morning they were eager to write in their journals about their experiences form the day before. They rushed through breakfast to, as Big Sister said, not forget anything.

Yesterday's trip was wonderful but also exhausting. We are staying in the hotel for most of today. We are looking forward to playing, and reading all the Mayan legends we were able to find at a local store. These books are  fantastic!

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