Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Vacation Learning: Mexico 1/6/15

On Sunday we were invited to a vacation presentation. When I heard the resort (Moon Palace) has its own dolphins, I was ready to sign up. We ended up getting a wonderful young man (Omar) to give us a private tour of their dolphin area. The best part was, it was free! We were not allowed to take pictures. One dolphin ate a cellphone that fell in the water, and since then only the expert photographers can take pictures. I enjoyed seeing how much both kids loved to be so close to the dolphins.  I also took the opportunity to ask a ton of questions about their breading program, and the training requirements for those in charge of caring for such intelligent and loving creatures.
Above is a picture of us relaxing because we are on vacation!

 Today we visited Tulum. It was a great introduction to learning about the Mayans in person. Tulum is a beautiful city on the cost. The ruins are quite worn out, but you still get the idea of the amazing architecture and artistic designs.

Here the kids are discovering a unique design used in the middle building.  This one in particular is one of the best preserved ones.

Here is a close up to see the details.  It is the corner edge of the building above. Can you see the Mayan face? Sadly most tourists walk right by it without noticing it!

Instead of buying souvenirs gifts, we payed one dollar per guy to take the picture above. It was the best way to make Mayan history come alive for our kids. The actors were very friendly and funny. The kids loved the iguanas.

In the late afternoon, when the sun was not as scorching hot, we ventured by bus to the actual city.  Our goal was to find books for children about the Mayans in Spanish.  We found 6 paperback and short picture books depicting Mayan legends. Above, Big Sister was picture reading the story to her brother.


  1. We stayed at the Moon Palace on our honeymoon, and swam with the dolphins there! What lovely memories you've brought back - thanks :-)

    I love how you're learning so much about the Mayan culture while you're there. Before I started home educating I used to be blind to culture all around me. Now every vacation is an opportunity to learn and appreciate the beauty around us - one of the many benefits of seeing the world through my children's eyes!

  2. I am fascinated by the questions the kids ask. Today, Big Sister asked if the Mayan Gods also gave the corn to the American people who farm it by our house. Both kids are trying to learn the Mayan language. So far we have picked up words like good, thanks, and sun. There is just so much to explore!


Thank you for sharing!