Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Vacation Learning: Mexico 1/12/15 + 1/13/15

 We finally made it to Chichen-Itza! We were all looking forward to it. We read about it, but no words do justice to how magnificent this place really is.  The kids enjoyed running around the grounds, and also exploring it from the comfort of their stroller :)
Notice how small they are right next to the mighty castle of Kukulkan.

Both kids found the Iglesias (Churches) building. It still has a lot of the original details. We were able to see the mask of Chac right in the middle.

Above, the kids are standing next to the Templo de los Guerreros (Warriors' Temple).

Here they are in the comfort of the stroller, observing some of the 1000 columns. We saw many iguanas resting along the structure.

Here are both kids looking at the Templo de Caracol.  It is also known for its purpose as the astronomical observatory.

 Big sister took the camera and took pictures of different statues including the one above.  It is Chac Mool, and was located by the Venus Temple.

The trip was unforgettable, but just in case, the kids wrote about it in their journal. Little Guy liked Kukulkan. Big Sister wrote a description for those who haven't seen it. She wrote that it was gray, and it had a square base. She speculated that it was used for sacrificial purposes.

 The next day was back to relaxing by the beach. The water here in Cancun is extremely clear and clean. 

In the afternoon we headed back to the city to look for one more bookstore. Books are my weakness. We actually bumped into a bookstore that had the book above. It has transparencies on top of the pictures that show you what the ruins might of looked like. It was a wonderful bedtime story.

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