Thursday, January 29, 2015

Home Learning 1/28/2015

Today's work plan had Little Guy asking to work with the word building cubes.  He used the book with ll to build 5 words: llama, llamar, llave, llorar, and lluvia (llama, to call, key,  to cry, and rain). 

In the meantime, Big Sister was writing a letter to her penfriend. Since it was in English, she dictated it to me and copied it on paper. 

Here are today's journal entries: Little Guy wrote about going out for taco Tuesday.  He loves tacos. Big Sister made a summary of the day before.  She went to the pool, had class, met her new neighbors, and went out to eat.  

Here is Little Guy reading on his own. 

Yesterday, Big Sister was very excited to tell her dad about all the words we learned with ll.  She pointed out that a lot of the words were the names of body parts.  I did a little more research and found that 8 body parts have the sound ll.   I cut out the two kid pictures and glued them in their notebook.  Then, I had them tell me all the body parts with ll they remembered.  I added the other ones. They labeled all the parts in their notebooks.

Here are both of their notebooks with cabello, mejilla, barbilla, cuello, pantorrilla, rodilla, canilla, and tobillo. (hair, cheeks, chin, neck, calf, knee, shinbone, and ankle)

We had to play a game with the body parts! We played Simon says. In the first picture they are touching their tobillos (ankles).  In the second picture, Little Guy was telling us to touch our rodillas (knees).  It was a lot of fun. 

Then, they wanted to keep on working on their ladybug lapbook.  They continued tracing and coloring the stages of the ladybug life cycle.  

After lunch, we moved to math.  We finally got the introduction to the decimal system materials.  Big Sister was very interested and enjoyed making the amounts with the beads.

She was separating the numbers according to the place value, and later on adding all of it up to show the actual amount.

We took out her blindfold and played another game. With her eyes covered, she had to pick one number from each place value.  In the picture above, she already had a number from the thousands and hundreds on her lap.  She was picking a number for the tens. Once her eyes were uncovered, she built the amount with the beads. 

Although Little Guy is not ready for this game, he joined in for the fun.  In the picture, Big Sister was putting the ones out for him to pick.

Finally, they used their stamps to build the amounts in their math notebooks. 
At the end, Big Sister said she loved the math game. I am hoping that Math is starting to become interesting to her. 

Outside the learning room we are reading A Bear Called Paddington by Michael Bond.  
I have had the little toy bear for years.  My husband bought it for me in England during a bussiness trip.  Up until now, I had no idea who the bear was.  We are loving this tiny bear who is so polite and funny. 

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