Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Home Learning 1/27/15

I wanted to start today's post with our work plans.  It is very hard to capture our conversation with pictures, but here is a glimpse:

We started with a blank board. Big sister always wants to journal right away, but her brother told her to write calendar first.   Big Sister loves to journal, and usually has already planned what she wants to write about before we go in the learning room. She was excited about today's journal entry. She wrote journal next in our work plan. Then Little Guy asked her to write "marcos" (insets).  Both kids wanted to work on their ladybug folder (I wrote that).  Then they were going to read on their own.  I offered an activity to practice words, and I asked Little Guy what letter we were working on.  He wrote the big ll in the circle.  That is the Spanish sound that I introduced on Monday. Then he drew the small squares on the board which is his way of asking for a word building activity.  Finally Big Sister wrote math. She wanted to count.  
There you have our work plan for the day... Now let me show you what actually happened:

 The kids counted using the calendar.  We also talked about the weather.

They headed off to write their journals.

Both kids wanted to write about the Paddington Bear movie we saw on Sunday. 

Since Little Guy wanted to use the insets, Big Sister decided to do it too.

Here are some of their creations.  You can see a ladybug or two in the middle of each shape.  

They moved on to observe their ladybugs.  We changed their water, and cleaned old leaves.

They went to gather their materials to work on the ladybug folder.  Here is where the work stations keep us ready. There was no need to look around for supplies.  Everything was ready for them.

Big sister found a pair of ladybugs mating in our habitat.  She had heard of it from one of the books we read.  She looked for the book and used the light box to trace it.  

Here she is coloring them.  She wants to illustrate the ladybug's life cycle as a story.  

Little Guy moved to the pupa stage.  I helped him trace it, and he used the book to copy the colors. 

Later they worked on the activity I had for them.  This is what we call work with words.  We are working on words with ll. Above, Little Guy is reading the labeled cards and finding the matching image card. 

I only made seven pairs: gallo, anillo, sellos, olla, silla, pollo, and mellos (roster, ring, stamps, pot, chair, chicken (to eat), and twins). 

Then, Little Guy used the movable alphabet, and the miniature objects. He wrote the words in his notebook. 

Big Sister did the same using the cursive movable alphabet. 
Note; I usually look for the miniature objects ahead of time.  It was hard to find twins! 

Here is our math lesson: How to untangle the 1000 bead chain.
We ran out of time to complete all the tasks from our work plan and that is OK.  As we start our day tomorrow, I will remind them that we didn't get to read on our own, and that we still have the math activity ready.

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