Friday, January 23, 2015

Home Learning 1/22/15

We had some important errands to run this morning.  We visited the kids' doctor, picked up a book from the library, and got some needed groceries. I guess our hibernation got interrupted! 

We are learning a lot more about ladybugs.  The kids are still collecting them around the house.  I seriously do not know how they are getting in... but I am grateful for the plentiful supply of specimens. We found the above book at the library.  It is very detailed, and has a lot of pictures.

When reading about the ladybug's life cycle, we used these safari Ltd replicas.  They are accurate and adorable but huge when compared with the real insects.

Big Sister has been using the calendar to count backwards.

Big Sister helped me put all the dolphin things away (except the real-life dolphin painting that is still on the wall). We used the space for learning about ladybugs (see it next to the calendar).  Big sister wants to start a new lapbook about them.  I am excited to see what it will look like. I am gathering materials tonight: folders, post-it notes, and lots of books with information about ladybugs. 

Here are today´s journals just because I am the proud mother of authors!
Big Sister wrote about going to the library and going to the bakery this morning. Little Guy wrote about going to the library to find books, and playing a computer game. 

The rest of the afternoon we read, read, and read. 

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