Thursday, January 22, 2015

Home Learning 1/20/15 + 1/21/15

We are "hibernating" in the sense of not going out of the house, but we are very much active inside the house. Here are lots of pictures from the past two days:
We started right back learning the Spanish alphabet with Letrilandia. Little Guy was introduced to Ll  even though it is not consider an actual letter, it has a distinctive sound.  To me it is important to study it to be able to gain good spelling. We used the following miniature objects silla, gallina, llave, llama, llanta, caballo, and anillo (chair, hen, key, llama, tire, horse, and the ring on Big Sister's finger). This was a review for Big Sister, but this time around she was surprised to find homophones: Llave as in key  or a as in wrench, and Llama as in the animal or as in the flames of the fire.

While the kids listened to the story of  Ll (the doorkeeper), Little Guy was busy sticking lifesaver tires on his notebook to form Ll.  He is always excited to do this part.  It helps him pay attention to the story.  He then traces the letters feeling the stickers with his eyes closed.  This tactile reinforcement helps his memory.

Little Guy continues to use the 1st book of Letrilandia.  Here he was forming syllables by connecting Ll with the vowels.  We go ahead and start coming up with words that start with each syllable: llavero, llevar, llorar, and lluvia (lock, to bring, to cry, and rain).  We couldn't think of a word that started with lli.

Next, we moved on to the small words from here
He chose llanta, llave, llama, llamas, and lluvia (see objects above).  

He used the movable alphabet to spell the words, and then transferred them to his notebook. 

This is Little Guy putting his movable alphabet away.  You can see part of his finished work on his notebook above the box.

Big Sister used the cursive movable alphabet and chose words to write on her notebook. This time she didn't spelled out the whole word.  Instead, she took out the letters she has a hard time with like v, r, and the double l.

Here are their journal entries from Tuesday.  Big Sister wrote about making the ladybug habitat, and Little Guy wrote about making a gingerbread man picture. 

Here are their journal entries from Wednesday.  Little Guy wrote about playing bingo.  Big Sister wrote about her ladybug experiment.  She caught another type of bug and added it to the habitat to see what happened; but the unidentified bug escaped. 

Here is the bingo we got while in Cancún.  I bought it for about $2 at the grocery store.  It is all called Loteria Yucateca.  It is about things found on the Yucatan peninsula.  It has the characters of the Mayan legends we read (as Xtabay), places we visited (as Chichén Itzá, and the cenotes), animals from the area, and several Mayan words.  It is a fun way to remember all we experienced, learned, and enjoyed during our vacation. 

Here is a picture of our new ladybug corner of the room. 

The kids keep on checking to see what the ladybugs are doing, if they are eating, and if they need anything.  I need to point out an observation from Big Sister, they are not as messy as caterpillars!

Together they worked on the cards for the parts of the ladybug using the puzzle.

Big Sister found a dead ladybug and took it "apart." She wanted to take a closer look using the microscope. This tiny microscope has been unbelievably great for her.  I highly recommend it as a beginner microscope. It is from Learning Resources.

We finally got our Waseca North America stencil.  Since we are traveling this year, I think it will be a great tool for us to learn about geography including biomes, and land forms. Big sister loved it at first site, and traced her first map right away.  I do have to add that it is rather fragile for little hands. 

And while talking about land forms, I had to share the cenote or sinkhole my kids created using the lake water form tray. Since they knew the cenote was underground, they put two little swimmers in the lake and added a piece of cardboard to cover it up!

At some point they were using the sensorial material of their choice. It has been a while since they used it. 

For some math, Little Guy used stamps to trace numbers.

Big Sister used these stamps to review decimal places. 

Finally, after a long day, Big Sister and Little Guy decided to take out their Mayan Legends and look at the pictures together. 

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