Saturday, January 3, 2015

Blogging in the New Year: Vacation Learning: Cancún, México #1

 Our vacation started with bad weather. We had some snow and freezing rain. I was excited to leave.  The kids got to watch the plane get ready for us. They looked for the baggage carts, the ramps, and the pilot!

 Inside the plane, Big Sister read to her brother. They pointed at all the things they saw at the airport. I love taking this book on our trips.

 We were delayed because of the freezing rain. We watched how the crew sprayed the plane's wings.

 Finally in Cancún! The kids got to briefly visit the cockpit and sit on the pilot's chair.

 We really lucked out on our hotel room 😍


  1. Wow what an awesome journey! Very cool that you were able to take photos in the cockpit, too! I hope you're having a fantastic vacation.

  2. Lucinda, thank you for your comment. We are having a blast. Today I forgot to take pictures. Instead I enjoyed watching the kids be amazed by bottlenose dolphins. We saw them for free! I need to type a post to inform others of this wonderful opportunity here in Cancun. I loved your latest post.


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