Thursday, January 29, 2015

Home Learning 1/29/15

Today in the learning room we kept on working on the ladybug folders.  Above you can see Big Sister's pictures of the ladybug's life cycle.  She is putting them all in a pile to flip the pages and see every stage.

Little Guy was working on a flip page to find the answer of the fact he found most interesting about ladybugs.  He wrote "quién es más grande" (Who is the biggest) on the blue paper...

Under it, he had the answer: la larva (the larvae).  He was fascinated to find out that a larvae is bigger than an adult ladybug!

The above picture is from Monday.  We met a friend and her girls at a nature center where the kids were shown insects and other animals.  Little Guy was super brave touching the cucaracha!

Here is a view of the nature center in Bartlett, IL.  It was our first visit, and we were impressed with the facility.

This picture is from today.  We visited a local nature center with our neighbors.  The main room was recently remodeled, and it has a lot of interesting things for the kids to do during cold days.  We even found books about ladybugs!
Besides libraries, nature centers are one of my favorite man-made places to visit with the kids!

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