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Back at Home Learning 1/19/15

We are back home. Back to reality and back to the cold. I am so grateful to have had such a wonderful time, that I am feeling renewed, and refreshed with energy to survive this winter.  We jumped right back to home learning today.     
1st. Let me share with you the kid´s journals from our visit to Xcaret.  It was such a memorable visit.  The kids captured their favorite parts.  Big Sister wrote about the underground river, snorkeling, and the Mayan show.  Little Guy also wrote about the underground river, and he added the ceremony of the Voladores. 

At home we found a few lady bugs.  Maybe the cold is bringing them inside the house? My kids wanted to keep them as pets.  We went online to figure out how to take care of them.  Big Sister found out they eat honey!

Little Guy was looking at a dead ladybug using his little microscope.

We set up a few materials from what we learned online to create a habitat for the ladybugs.  We had pieces of wood, raisins, honey, water, hidding structures, leaves, a container with a lid (needs to have holes for breathing), and a few lady bugs (we had four on the blue tray).

The kids arranged the habitat on their own.

Here is a close-up of the ladybug habitat.  I checked on them later and found them on the raisins, and near the honey!

Here is Big Sister putting the habitat away in our nature area.

After their new "pets" had their needs met, we moved on to our calendar.  The last time we used it was on 12/30. We had to take all of December out and count our way into January backwards to figure out in which day each number needed to be.

They might not be looking out on the crystal waters of the Atlantic Ocean, but they do have a cute view from their learning room!

Here are today's journal entries. Big Sister wrote about her last day in Cancún.  We went to the beach and saw a lot of fish just steps in the water.  She wrote that the fish were strange and long, and that she also saw a school of small fish by her feet.  It was a beautiful goodbye to us from nature. Little Guy moved on already.  He wanted to write about his ladybug habitat. 

We didn't shop for much while on vacation, but still ended up with a few little items that we placed on their cultural shelf.  We added a mayan calendar (It is a coaster), the Chichén Itzá book with transparencies, a small carved box, our Mayan stories collection, and ...
...this mini statue.  It is supposed to protect your family. It is made of obsidian and as you move it under the sun, it changes from dark black to an almost golden color. 

At a grocery store, I found this Mayan domino.  We played with it for a while.  

Then Little Guy wanted to arrange it in order. 

And why not? We used it to compare the Mayan numbers to the numeral system we use (Arabic).

This is Big Sister`s comparison chart.

Next we moved on to geography.  We had studied the gold and the peninsula.  After visiting Isla Mujeres (Women's Island), we needed to study islands too. 

We talked about how the island is surrounded by water and that is why we could only get there by boat.  They added some boats, and the dolphins, since they swam with the dolphins in the island.

Big sister's book about México got one more page!

Finally after talking about dolphins, Big Sister wanted to read the new dolphin book we got while on vacation.  It is the only Spanish book about dolphins we were able to find.  It is quite perfect for her.  It has no more than one paragraph per page, and real dolphin pictures.  She read the whole book today and it is long! Little Guy just kept on playing with the dolphin replicas. 

After reading the book, Big Siter wanted to add one more fact to her lapbook. She added that baby dolphins have hair like pieces along side the tongues.  We searched online to find out more: 
 "[dolphins]even have little finger-like projections on the sides of their tongue that act like a zipper. These keeps mom's milk in the calf's mouth - and at the same time -- keeps salt water out." 
From :
 Of course, Little Guy wanted to add that info to his lapbook too!

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