Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Weekend in Cancun, Mexico

We had a great weekend here in Cancun. We enjoyed the pool, and playing in the water at the beach.  I grew up near the Atlantic Ocean, and the beach (with salty water) feels like home to me.

The kids and my husband went crazy with the water slide. 

On Sunday afternoon, we visited the aquarium across the street from our hotel. We had the opportunity to touch a manta ray, and watch her eat a fish.

We also saw their dolphins. The two above kept on getting on the platform. 
Lastly, we enjoyed the dolphin and sea lion show. We were very impressed with their tricks. 

 Here are the kids' journals from Saturday. Both kids wrote about the water slide. The kids are catching up with their journals, and I am catching up with the blog.  As we talk about our day during dinner, the kids dictate to me so we don't forget things that are important to them.

Here are their memories from Sunday at the dolphin show.

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