Sunday, December 28, 2014

Toy Rotation 12/27/14

Besides today's post on our learning experiences, I wanted to add a post on home organization.  With everyone's help we took on the almost overwhelming mission to clean out the kids toy rotation.
1st. We needed the room to be empty.  I added labels on the walls to sort toys into categories.  I like storing toys from different categories to give kids a variety, and also allow them to focus on a toy at a time vs. a mount of related toys at once.
The kids were running around while we were bringing all the toys to one room.

Here both kids were separating the toys by categories.  You can see the building materials.

Sorting all the toys was a lot of work.

The toys are back in their bins. We took out a few things they have outgrown, and a few things that broke.  We added the holiday gifts and made sure each bin was able to close. I taped all the images to the lid of each bin.  These images help the kids clean their toys.  I used blue tape so I can move the images to the little bins when the rotation is out.

I am looking forward to rotating toys and special craft materials.  We sure don't need any more toys! Except some extra magnetic tiles!

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