Thursday, December 11, 2014

Home Learning 12/11/14

We had a lazy morning.  Above you see them playing with the Little Guy's magnet toys. This set is part of this week's toy rotation.  

We actually didn't visit the learning room until after lunch.  We were up late probably because of the late concert the night before. The first thing the kids did was quiz each other.  Big Sister was asking our Little Guy all the letters he knows.

We are counting the days to our vacation.

The Little Guy wrote, "Fui a un concierto.  Fui a la piscina.  Me gusta nadar." (I went to a concert.  I went to the pool.  I like to swim),
Big Sister wrote about the concert.  She liked the soprano singer and would like to sing like her.

Little Guy used syllable blocks to read.

He learned the letter "f" today.

Here he is creating syllables with the letter "f."

The "f"miniature objects foco, flauta, flamingo, f, fantasma, fresa, fuego, and flores, (light bulb, flute, flamingo, the letter f, ghost, strawberry, fire, and flower).

Here he is using the mobile alphabet for the words he selected.

Here she is using the cursive movable alphabet for the words that she selected.

His and her notebooks with all the words.

The Little Guy was counting dots on the dolphins to practice his numbers.

Then he counted dolphin stickers in his math notebook.

They wanted to create a tower for their dolphin replicas.  Notice the Little Guy standing on a stool to add one more piece to the top.

When their Dad came home, he brought them this dolphin anatomy display.  Many pieces can be moved and removed.
It was a big hit for Big Sister.  Above she is assembling the intestines. 

I had to create a new area for our dolphin study.  Thanks to my neighbor, I acquired these small shelving units that fit next to the calendar.

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