Friday, December 5, 2014

Home Learning 12/4/14

When we sat by the white erase board to start our learning time, the kids told me they wanted to work on their book about Mexico.  We jumped right to it!

We sat on the rug and looked at the North America Puzzle.  We used an atlas to identify every country.  We talked about the sizes of the countries and their locations.  Big Sister pointed at everything that resembled a peninsula and a gulf.  She identified Yucatan, Baja California, and Florida as peninsulas. She also recognized the gulf of Mexico, and the gulf of California.  

Here are all the country names put into place.

Then, we took the piece of Mexico to trace it in their little books. 

Since our Little Guy wanted to outline Mexico, I put the puzzle in front of him to see where there are other countries, and where there is water.

He colored and labeled the gulf and the peninsula.

While his sister was doing the tracing and coloring he wanted to add another page.  He wanted to include the Piramid of Kukulcán.  He is very excited to go see it. 

Here is Big Sister.  She actually took the USA piece of the puzzle to complete the gulf of Mexico.  She asked about the waters around Mexico.  We briefly talked about the two oceans.  She wanted to label them too.

In their journals, both kids wrote about swimming on Wednesday. Little Guy wrote, "Yo puedo nadar debajo de la plataforma con mi hermana" (I can swim under the platform with my sister). Big Sister wrote, "Ayer encontré a mi hermano abajo de la plataforma. Yo nadé hacia él y fuimos abajo de la plataforma juntos" (yesterday I found my brother under the platform.  I swam towards him and together we went under the platform).  

Finally, we listened to the CD of the book above.  I checked out El Fandango de Lola by Anna Witte from the library.  It is a lovely story about a little girl who learns to dance flamenco and then surprises her mother.  This book is specially dear to us since my kids have a mami Lola (my mom), and because just like the Lola from the book, they also have a mom who loves to dance (I actually took Flamenco lessons!). 

We learned the Flamenco claps and decided to give the dance a try.
Tomorrow, I will dig out one of the pictures of my dancing-on-stage years to show it to them.

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