Thursday, December 4, 2014

Home Learning 12/3/14

My kids seem to be interested in each other´s work more and more.  It started with our Little Guy wanting to write.  Now, Big Sister wants to listen to the letter stories, handle the miniatures, and write the same words her brother is using.  I decided that if that is what they like, that is what we are going to do.  We will be using a bit of good old differentiation in the learning room. Let me show you an example.

Together they listened to the story of a new character, letter r's big brother!  He helps letter r make a super strong sound in the middle of the words (rr).  Big sister has heard the story before, but she was excited to hear it again and "play" with the miniature objects.  By the way, we had tierra, árroz, borrador, perro, jarra, and carro (earth, rice, eraser, dog, jar, and car).  

Now to differentiate their learning experiences, Little Guy gets to write a few words containing rr. I found a sheet online ( It has 18 images with rr.  Little Guy selected his favorites, colored (I cut), glued, and labeled them to his notebook.  He is using print. I dictated letter by letter to him.

Independently, Big Sister selected, colored, cut, glued, and label the images using cursive writing.

It actually turns into a lot less work for me.  Since they are on the same type of activity, I don't feel like I am bouncing from one to another.  Instead, now I feel like I am strolling along with them. 

In the kids' journals,  Little Guy wrote about doing a science project with baby animals.  He was talking about hatching a chick at home. Big Sister wrote about her friends coming over to make gingerbread houses.

Little guy is reading little bits on his own.  He and I read this little book. It is about family members.  He read mamá, papá, tío, tía, mi, esta. es..etc.  He was very excited to go beyond a simple word to almost reading a sentence. 

We used the wooden numbers again.  First, he organized them on his desk.  He got the colors ready to trace the number and then...

write them on his math notebook.

As you can see, we had an abbreviated visit to the learning room.  My husband was home, and will be home every Wednesday until next year.  He is catching up with the reminder of his vacation days, and enjoying the upcoming holidays.  He is taking Wednesdays off to be able to join us at the pool for family open swim.  The kids love having him with us in the water. 

After swimming the kids had their riding lesson.

Little guy was trotting for the first time. He was very excited and said "wow!" which the horse misunderstood as "whoa". Every time he said it, the horse stopped! What can I say, It is very well trained horse.

Big sister is gaining more independence turning the horse on her own.  She still needs a lot more practice.

Just cute pictures of the kids "talking" to the horses.

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