Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Home Learning 12/30/14

:( We have been sick. I hope we get back to being healthy soon.   
During the past two days the kids have been taking it easy, drinking lots of fluids, and mostly staying home.  I have been planning for next year.  I also have been packing, and makings to-do lists.

In the learning room, the kids have a little corner to learn about planes.  I bought and made these materials when we went to Panama and Colombia back in December 2012.  At that time the kids flew on 6 planes! I am pulling out these materials just before we fly. There is always something new to learn from it.

Big sister was doing our airport/airplane puzzle.  It is very neat as it reveals the insides of a plane, control tower, and airport terminal. Here is the puzzle information: Airport See Inside Puzzle  by Ravensburger 

Little guy simply wanted to play with the plane model.  We talked about how a special truck brings food to the plane.  We also talked about the bus that picks people out of the plane to take them to the terminal.  We are likely to experience it. We put together the three part cards, but I did not take a picture.  I got the cards from Our cards are in Spanish. 

I copied this idea from  It is a resolution flower (the site also shows a resolution start for older kids).  The petals have things they want to do, places to go, areas to learn about, food to taste, and something they want to be or accomplish.  It was a great way to think about all the things that are important to them.  It guides me when thinking about our plans for next year.

The kids worked on thank you notes.  Each wrote 6 mini letters! They really liked drawing the pictures to show the presents they received. 

Finally, I had to go to the store to get more Magna-tiles today.  They are crazy about them.  Little Guy even asked to bring them on our trip.  When we told him that he couldn't, he almost cried!

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