Sunday, December 28, 2014

Home Learning 12/27/14

Yes! it is December 27th and we are working in the learning room.  The kids and I need it for our peace of mind.  Above, Little Guy wanted to write our day's plan on our white board.  Big Sister spelled for him the word calendario (calendar).

We had another perfectly aligned reading day.  Little Guy was reading words with letter V.

Here both kids are working on their word list.

Little Guy got eight image-label sets.  He read and paired them on the side of the rug.

He placed the miniature object on top of every image card. Then, he spelled the words using the movable alphabet.  

I helped him by giving him the little trays with the letters he needed for every word.  He put the word together on his own.

Here you can compare the same word list but on two different levels.  On the left you see Little Guy's script writing.  On the right you see Big Sister's cursive writing.
By the way, the words are vagón, volcán, vara, visa, nave, avión, uvas, and pavo (wagon, volcano, wand, visa, spacecraft, plane, grapes, and turkey).

We used the magnetic tiles to copy the shapes we had recently studied.  Little Guy used the constructive triangles as guides to create the same shapes.

He worked until he was finished with all the shapes he was able to replicate. 

Big Sister moved on to three dimensions shapes.  She wanted to replicate the geometric solids. 

Here are all the shapes she was able to do. 

Little Guy added this hexagonal prism at the end.

In his journal, Little Guy wrote the activities he liked to do.  He likes to read, write and draw.  Big Sister wrote what she did the day before.  She played with the magnetic tiles and her horse Rubi.  She also wrote about getting the pink dolphin. 

Just before Lunch, my husband did a great activity with the kids.  I had asked him to come up with a science experiment to explain echolocation.  The kids read/listened about echolocation from every dolphin book we got. 

He explained that the ball was the clicks the dolphin sent out. Echolocation helps dolphins figure out what it might find in its way, how far that something is, and what it might be. 

I blindfolded them and my husband moved the cone.  They waited and heard how far an object was. 

Or perhaps how close!

Then we moved to the second part of the experiment.  The kids got a chance to experience how dolphins identify what they might encounter. Using three containers with distinctive sounds, they needed to tell us what "their" clicks were bouncing off of. Both kids took turns being blindfolded, and selecting the type of "fish" the other one was going to hear.

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