Friday, December 26, 2014

Home Learning 12/26/14

Big Sister decided to use her Christmas gift (a karaoke machine) to read.  I was excited to get her to sing (which she loves), and to use the machine to listen to audio books since our CD player broke.   Now I have another reason to love our karaoke machine.  If a microphone is what it takes to get her excited about reading, then by all means she can read as loud as she pleases!

Today the kids wanted to journal about what they got for Christmas.  Little guy was most excited about his little ninja turtles (although he had never seen the show), and the magnet tiles. Big Sister made a thorough list of all her presents.  Apparently, I am the little figure to the left taking pictures.   

Little Guy worked with letter V.  He told me that he already knew the letter but didn't know its story. We started with tracing the sandpaper letter.

We moved to tracing with stickers.  V is for Venus, and verde (green). While he was adding stickers I read/ told the story of letter V.  By now, I know the stories by heart.  Big Sister used to ask me to read them over and over again. 

Both kids got a chance to explore the miniature objects.  For V we had violín, ventilador, venado, velitas, vaca, vestido, volcán, vaso, and varita (violin, fan, deer, little candles, cow, dress, volcano, glass, and wand).

Little Guy was working with the movable alphabet and the initial sound objects.

He had already selected, colored, cut, and glued the pictures from his letter V chart.  You can find the chart here: 
He labeled the selected images in his notebook

Big Sister also worked with the letter V using the cursive movable alphabet. 

Here is her work. She pointed out that V and B are very similar in cursive. She said that maybe that is why they sound so alike.   

Right after lunch, the kids played with the magnetic tiles again. 

We visited the learning room in the early afternoon because I had been desperately looking for a pink dolphin to add to the miniatures.  I found it in my closet hidden away in a drawer.

Here is our miniature pink dolphin.  My dad and sister brought it back when they visited the amazon river. It is beautifully made out of carved wood and looks a bit on the pink side. Big Sister loves it. 

This was a requested picture. She did this pose before when she wrote a letter to her friend in France.  She wanted him to find and count all the dolphins.  Today, she wanted me to take this picture and post it on the blog.  Now you get to find and count some of her dolphins. 

In the meantime, Little Guy was working on a dolphin puzzle. 

He wanted to make a structure with the red rods.  I had to help him keep the rods in place. 

He added sharks to it!

Big Sister also wanted to build a structure.  She used the knobless cylinders, pink tower, and brown stairs.

Later in the afternoon, Big sister took the karaoke machine and some paper and created a small puppet theater with her rocking horses.

She made a show with the dolphin balloon and some of her small stuffed animals. 

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