Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Home Learning 12/24/14

Here are the kids counting the days left for our trip.

I don't plan our reading to match the sounds we are currently studying.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out that today's reading page for Little Guy was letter Y.  It fit perfectly. Maybe I need to plan better in the future.

Big Sister is reading at her own pace.  Usually she reads 2 or 3 of the pages that include sentences, and a short paragraph. 

In their journal, they wrote about going outside with their dad yesterday afternoon.  Apparently, they cut down the branches of a tree.  I was out visiting my great uncle and aunt. 

For today, I had 8 label-image pair cards.  They included the letter Y at the beginning or middle of the word.  

I had already prepared the objects to match the pairs.  I could not find a Yoda =(

Here you can see how he arranged the image-label pairs and the corresponding objects. 

I made each kid a copy of the image cards.  They cut and glued the images in their notebooks to label them. 
Above, Little Guy is copying the label card.  He had reyes, raya, yo, joya, maya (kings-we literally call the wise men the "magic kings"-, ray, I, jewel, Maya).  There is a picture of himself next to yo (I), and my wedding ring next to joya (jewel).

Big Sister used the same words plus rayo and soya (lighting, and soy).

Little Guy moved to the large hexagonal constructive triangle box. 

Here he is coloring the figures, and writing the number of pieces he used to create them.

My great aunt and uncle gave me a small Maya statue (next to the pyramid) when I visited them the day before.  I included the word Maya in their vocabulary list, and Big Sister went back to asking questions about the Mayans.  She placed the statue in our little cultural area.  I took advantage of the curiosity to read Mayan creation legends to her. 

She pulled out her vocabulary chart and added the last few missing words as she learned about Bacabes, the lighting god Chac, the ceiba trees, the oropéndola birds, and much more. We were not able to find a word with the letter W.  

She wanted to illustrate and color a few terms.

Here is a closeup of her work. 

While Big Sister worked on her Maya vocabulary sheet, Little Guy and his dad were working on English reading lessons. 

I hope you are having a productive, and relaxing holiday season. 
¡Felices Fiestas! (Literally: Happy parties!)

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