Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Home Learning 12/23/14

Even with the holidays at our doorsteps, we started our Tuesday following our current rhythm.  There is such a sense of comfort in knowing what we are going to do. 
  Above, the kids are reading their Nacho beginning reader.  Big Sister uses it to read a few independent sentences, and a short paragraph.  Little Guy uses the list of words with the targeted syllables.  He used a mirror to remember to differentiate the way he makes the P and the B sound.  

In their journals both wrote about their grandparents' visit.  They were very excited to have them come over to spend some time with us, and to watch them during their swim lesson. Both kids made illustrations of their grandparents watching them swim. 

Little Guy got the triangular box.  He was eager to do it on his own. 

Once he made the four triangles, we used numbers to note how many triangular pieces he used to build each one. 

Big Sister decided to also use this material.  I asked her to start with the rectangular box while Little Guy finished coloring the triangles in his notebook.

Since she had watched her brother, she was able to move to the triangular box on her own. She also colored the triangles in her notebook.

Later on, I introduced this graphic organizer of a Venn diagram. It is one of those items I kept from my teaching years.  I was very glad to find it! The task for the kids was to compare and contrast their favorite type of dolphin.  Big Sister is fascinated by the pink dolphins.  Little Guy settled for the bottlenose dolphin.  He does not have a favorite.

I had strips of paper handy and books about both types of dolphins. 

For the pink dolphin, Big Sister wrote "flexible, vive en el río, melón grande, hocico angosto y largo, dificil de ver, come cangrejos, peces y tortugas" (flexible, lives in the river, big melon, narrow and long mouth, hard to see, eats crabs, fish and turtles).  She illustrated each description.  Little Guy wrote, "vive en el océano, nada rápido, salta, amigable, se entrenan, salva a las personas, come peces y calamares"  (lives in the ocean, swims fast, jumps, friendly, trainable, saves people, eats fish, and squid).  He opted to use stickers instead of trying to draw the dolphins in his illustrations.

Together we noted the major similarities such as the flippers and fluke, echolocation, being a mammal, and the vast number of teeth.  

She was a bit upset when it was time to eat lunch.  She actually told me "I want to keep on playing this game." We ended our time in the learning room watching a youtube video about pink dolphins from Leticia, Colombia. While I was preparing lunch, we talked to my dad who previously had visited the area, and saw dolphins in the Amazon river.

Their graphic organizer is hanging from the closet door knobs. 

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